About Duron Jones

Duron is the CEO & Tribe Leader of Innovation Tribe of America. Also, he serves as a Director at Seattle University and the President of their African-American Alumni Group. He also serves as the Co-President of Seattle Academies Foundation. Through Duron’s work, he helps new ventures launch and/or expand their current business. Also, he works with nonprofit organizations to provide career development and entrepreneurship resources for youth in the Greater Washington Area. Nonetheless, continuing reading to learn more about Duron and his journey.

His Current Work

Currently, Duron takes 60 high school students from Seattle Public Schools & Seattle Academies Foundation to New York each year to learn about business and entrepreneurship. Additionally, as part of his work at Seattle University, he provides summer learning opportunities for 90 to 120 high school students from across Washington State in Business, Technology, and Criminal Justice. All three topic areas have social justice ethics and innovation at the foundations of their teachings.

About Duron’s Expertise

Over the years Duron has built a variety of skills that shape his work. Most importantly, his skills not only help businesses but can also help individuals. Some of Duron’s skills are:

Business Focused: Digital Marketing, Event Planning, Event Management, and Nonprofit Management
Individual Focused: Personal Branding, Social Entrepreneurship, College Planning, and Career Development

When He’s Off The Clock

Duron is a photographer and creative writer. Also, he enjoys bowling and roller blading in his spare time. He enjoys traveling and going on adventures with friends. However, he also enjoys sitting at home and watching Netflix or playing on his PS4. He’s a fan of both Marvel and DC but prefers DC Comics more. Furthermore, Duron is the primary caregiver for his mother who is a cancer survivor. His mother also has lupus and is on dialysis for kidney failure. Lastly, Duron enjoys getting together with friends for board games and always beats the undergraduates at Uno.

About Duron’s Early History

Mostly importantly, Duron began his work in his ninth grade year of high school as a student activist. During his time in high school, the school district planned to merge (later changed to co-locate) his school with a middle school. However, the school district was not seeking input from the student body. After encouragement from his health teacher, he joined forces with an upperclassman to advocate for student voice in decision making. Also, after gaining input the school board voted to co-locate and increase renovation funding for the school. Furthermore, he was invited to join the Building Leadership Team (BLT) of his school to be the first Student Ambassador.

After joining the BLT, he went on to start the Committee for Educational Support (CES). He then later founded the Higher Achievement Academy (HAA) while in high school. Both were started with the focus of increasing educational summer opportunities for high school students during a time when summer school was being cut. Furthermore, Duron went on to work with the Alliance for Education to support post-secondary activities for Seattle Public Schools.

About Duron’s Mid-History

While in college, Duron transitioned into the role of the College & Career Coordinator for the Center for Community Engagement. Also, with his work, he supported Garfield and Middle College in preparing their students for life after high school. Furthermore, he worked with the College of Education to redevelop the Middle College program on the University’s campus. Lastly, he served as a Program Counselor during his time in college for the Albers School of Business & Economics.

After college, he went on to serve as the Director of the Summer Business Institute program. The program is focused on college exploration for high school sophomores and juniors. Each year he works with students from Western Washington who identify as an underrepresented population. These students self identify as African American, Latino/Hispanic, Native American Indian, or Pacific Islander.

Also, after college Duron took on the role of Partnership Coordinator for Washington Future Business Leaders of America. As a consultant, he managed the marketing, leadership programs, fundraising, and volunteers for the organization. Currently, he works with schools, businesses, and universities across western Washington in business, career, and college planning.